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Building Connected Relationships in a Porn Saturated Culture is a 3-lesson virtual workshop + LIVE Q and A, written by specialist educators for students aged 16-18 (Years 10-12 in Australia). Our pre-recorded presentations are an excellent option for digital schools, regional areas, overseas schools, and for those who potentially can’t budget for interstate travel within Australia.

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March 18, 2021

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4 hours, 47 minutes

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This 4-part virtual workshop focusses on:

Healthy Identity:

  • Cultural messages
  • Are they healthy, helpful and accurate?

Healthy Relationships:

  • Impact of porn culture
  • Avoiding toxic and building healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships and Sex:

  • Porn’s impact on the brain and body
  • Happy, healthy and enjoyable sex

PLUS 1 x LIVE Virtual Q and A session. Or, if you are accessing this workshop from a different timezone and we are sleeping while you’re learning, we will provide video-recorded responses to student questions.

Pre-session teacher preparation and post-session discussion questions are included, along with a student support page for access to follow-up information. Purchase provides access for 12 months with no limits on the number of students or classes for use (providing it is only accessed within the same school). Additional Virtual Q & A sessions are available for purchase.

In addition to the virtual workshops, purchasers also receive BONUS training and resources designed to motivate the implementation of pornography and safeguarding education within your school or youth-focussed organisation. These additional resources include:

  • A short training video on the impacts of pornography on violence against women and girls for use in staff meetings.
  • Two Youth Wellbeing Project toolkits–providing support for deeper level leadership discussions and whole-of-organisation changes. The first one focusses on the successful implementation of Porn and Online Safety Education. The second Toolkit addresses safeguarding measures related to the prevention of online and physical environment harms.

Course Curriculum

    • Getting Started 00:02:00
    • Schedule your Virtual Q and A 00:45:00
    • Session 1 for Year 11 and 12 01:00:00
    • Session 2 for Year 11 and 12 01:00:00
    • Session 3 for Year 11 and 12 01:00:00
    • Student Support Page 00:00:00

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