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4-part Virtual (Senior Secondary)

$1,300.00 per year

Building Connected Relationships in a Porn Saturated Culture is a 3-lesson online workshop + Q & A, written by specialist educators for students aged 16-18 (Years 10-12 in Australia). Our Pre-Recorded presentations are an excellent option for digital schools, regional areas, overseas schools, and for those who potentially can’t budget for interstate travel within Australia.



This 4-part workshop focusses on:

  1. Healthy Identity:
    1. Cultural messages
    2. Are they healthy, helpful and accurate?
  2. Healthy Relationships:
    1. Impact of porn culture
    2. Avoiding toxic and building healthy relationships
  3. Healthy Relationships and Sex:
    1. Porn’s impact on the brain and body
    2. Happy, healthy and enjoyable sex
  4. 1 x LIVE Virtual Q & A. Or, if you are accessing this workshop from a different timezone and we are sleeping while you’re learning, we will provide video-recorded responses to student questions.

Pre-session teacher preparation and post-session discussion questions are included, along with a student support page for access to follow-up information. Purchase provides access for 12 months with no limits on the number of students or classes for use (providing it is only accessed within the same school). Additional Virtual Q & A sessions are available for purchase.